How To Stage Your Kitchen When Selling

Dated: 05/17/2018

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How To Stage Your Kitchen When Selling

Staging your home to sell is truly an art. It’s a process in which you have to show all the appealing sides of your home; however, going through the process of remodeling is costly and it takes more time than you would like to invest. The kitchen is often regarded as the most used room in the house; therefore, staging the perfect kitchen is crucial to catching the attention of potential buyers. Many people pour a lot of their heart and soul in making the kitchen the centerpiece of the entire house, so providing possible buyers with a nicely-staged kitchen will allow them to see its potential for when they decide to purchase your home.

Although simply remodeling does work, sometimes, a homeowner might not have the time or money for that. Here’s how you stage your kitchen for buyers.


When you stage your kitchen, make sure you have a clear vision in your head. What exactly are you trying to showcase here? Kitchens that are staged well:

Are clean

Are visually appealing, with up-to-date details such as cabinets, counters, shelves, etc.

Feel open and have ample natural light. Be mindful of the room provided by cabinets, cupboards, and pantries.

Look lived-in, but aren’t untidy


We’re talking deep, more-thorough-than-Spring-Cleaning type of clean. Scrub the cupboards, polish all of your metallic fixtures, vacuum the hard-to-reach corners, etc. In fact, you might want to consider hiring a professional cleaning crew to get the work done. If you’re going to splurge a bit on staging your kitchen, you might as well invest in having it professionally cleaned.

Make sure your windows are thoroughly cleaned and remain that way, both inside and out. Also, consider lifting any curtains to let natural light into your kitchen. Leave your counters free of any clutter, save for a coffee maker and toaster; all other items should be neatly stored away.

Some collect more clutter than others throughout a lifespan in a home. If you find your kitchen to be cluttered in every unused corner and nook, you may need to declutter before tackling the cleaning process. This way after cleaning, your countertops remain empty of unnecessary junk.

In addition to cleaning your kitchen, you need to be aware of any odors. If you normally cook food that leave an odor, such as fried foods, you might want to either refrain from that or opting for take-out/dining out. Before you show your home, make sure you take the trash and recycle out, take care of any pet-related product (i.e., litter boxes), and running a lemon down the garbage disposal to neutralize any odors. Make sure your dishwasher is free of odors as well, since people will be looking into it.


If you really want to go the extra mile, consider slapping on a fresh coat of paint to liven your kitchen up. The color you choose can affect the price of your home, and can also greatly affect the mood of the room.

Red: Red is an incredibly energetic, versatile color, and has a large number of different shades including some that can really make your kitchen pop. Red, when used properly, also has the ability to stimulate appetites. However, adding too much can be overwhelming and sully the affect you were going for.

Gray: This neutral hue has been gaining popularity in recent years, and many homes in the real estate market have witnessed much success by going for a more monochromatic look. Critics believe gray to be a cold choice for a kitchen; however, if paired with the right accent colors, the combination can be quite effective. Gray is also versatile in that it can pair well with other colors.

Blue: Blue works fantastically in a kitchen, but like red, needs to be used strategically as it can easily become overwhelming. Dark blues work very well with white, gray and other neutral tones, which help lift the intensity of the deeper shades.

Yellow: Like red, yellow can help stimulate appetites; however, if you go with yellow, try applying a lighter shade. Rather than going for a bright, sunny yellow, try opting for a subtler, more neutral pale yellow.

Arranging your kitchen

It’s worth noting here that staging the kitchen isn’t always going to be functional, and some choices are made more so to appeal to a buyer rather than appear practical.

Add some flowers. Throwing in a fruit bowl or house plants can really liven up the room.

If you opt for a smaller dinner table, it can help make your kitchen appear larger.

Arrange your cabinets, cupboards, and pantry. Remove any excess items to storage to prevent your kitchen from looking crowded. Place only the best-looking kitchenware in your cabinets.

Other splashes of color that arrive in the form of cookbooks or photographs can add character to your kitchen space.

Invest in new tea towels. New tea towels are a fantastic way of adding a pop of color without breaking the bank.

Try adding a nice tea kettle or a pot on your stovetop, but make sure the pot is in good condition.

Adding a rug can add more dimension to your kitchen.

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